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What is Cataract Surgery?

As we age, so do our eyes. The crystalline lens in every human eye eventually becomes yellowed, cloudy, and rigid. This is called a cataract, and it blocks and distorts lights. When cataracts start to significantly affect vision, Cataract Surgery offers a solution. The natural lens of the eye is removed and replaced with a clear artificial lens, called an Intraocular lens (IOL), which brings clarity back to your vision.

Is Cataract Surgery Right For Me?

  • Is your vision yellowing?
  • Do you see a lot of glare?
  • Are colors changing?
  • Are you having difficulty driving, reading, or recognizing faces?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are probably a candidate for Cataract Surgery.

What's It Like To Have Cataract Surgery?

Schedule a Consultation

At a time that’s convenient for you, a Kameen ophthalmologist will meet with you to discuss the changes in your vision and help you understand available options. The consultation and diagnostic testing do not obligate you to any future service. We are able to determine if you are a candidate for cataract surgery. You will have an opportunity to schedule your procedure at this appointment. If you are having corrective vision surgery on both eyes, we will schedule two separate surgery days.

The doctor performing your consultation will be the same doctor performing your cataract surgery procedure.

Arrive at the Surgery Center for Cataract Surgery

After being greeted by the surgery center staff, you are met by the doctor who will be performing your cataract surgery procedure. While you’re at the facility for about 2-3 hours, it usually only takes minutes to insert the lens that has your exact prescription.

Please note, Cataract Surgery is performed at a surgery center and not at the Kameen office.

Travel Home for Recovery

After surgery, you must have a friend or family member provide your transportation home. You will experience improved vision right away, but we recommend not reading, driving, or using a computer for the rest of the day. After a good night’s sleep you can return to work the next day.

Come Back the Next Day for a Post-Op Checkup

It is important that you meet with your ophthalmologist the day after your cataract surgery. This checkup is held at the Kameen office, not the surgery center. We will confirm that your eyes are healthy and clear you for normal activity.

Cataract Surgery FAQ

Very. Cataract surgery is usually safer than wearing contact lenses. Learn more about eye surgery safety.

About 2 hours, including the diagnostic procedures.

Yes. Premium lenses are often used to help aid in visual correction of near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism in some patient cases. Learn more about Kameen’s premium lens offerings.

Yes. The most demanding part of any cataract surgery is creating an incision in the eye. We use an advanced laser incision technology that minimizes the size of the slit and improves healing times.

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