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Is An Annual Eye Exam For Me?

  • Yes. It’s best for people of every age to have a thorough eye exam every year. It’s like a checkup at the dentist, but recommended only once per year.
  • A diagnostic eye exam allows us to detect eye conditions that may not be affecting your eyes today, but could severely impact your vision or health if untreated.
  • Remember, you don’t need vision insurance to have an affordable and effective eye exam.

What's It Like To Get An Annual Eye Exam?

Schedule an Appointment

No pre-examinations or consultations are required (although we’re happy to meet with you first if you like!). Simply make an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

Arrive at the Office

Patients arrive at the Kameen office, sign in, and within minutes we will begin your examination.

Sit for Examinations by Using Several Diagnostic Technologies

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Exam
A device that allows us to visualize all ten layers of the retina and evaluate the retina for the very earliest signs of diseases, such as macular degeneration, retinal tear or detachment, and diabetes.

AcuTarget HD Exam
A diagnostic instrument that identifies factors that impact visual outcomes. It measures the quality of vision, including the objective scatter index (OSI), assesses tear film quality over time, and measures pseudo accommodation to visually demonstrate depth.

IOL Master Exam
A machine that measures precise details of your lenses for patients that may be candidates for cataract surgery or lens replacement.

Pentacam Exam
A device that digitally maps the topography of the surface of the eye to define its curves and irregularities. The pentacam measures corneal thickness and how steep or flat the cornea is. The Pentacam also performs a scheimpflug image of the lens of the eye, to track the progression of change in the lens and cataract formation.

iTrace Exam
A machine that measures for dysfunctional lens syndrome using a fundamental thin beam principle of optical ray tracing. The iTrace’s 5-in-1 system provides auto- refraction, corneal topography, ray tracing aberrometry, pupillometry, and auto-keratometry.

Vision Test
No eye exam is complete without a thorough exam of your visual acuity. Using precise technology, we are able to quickly and easily assess just how clear your vision is, and we track your performance every visit.


Review Findings with Your Ophthalmologist

We’ll discuss your results with you. Hopefully, no actions will be required, and you can schedule next year’s appointment. In the cases where medical treatment is necessary, we will take this time to discuss your options.

Annual Eye Exam FAQ

Most people don’t need a vision test every year. But an annual eye exam by a Kameen ophthalmologist provides insight into your overall health, and can help reveal irregularities in your eye that will be harder to correct later.

Our Advanced Eye Exam is unlike any eye exam you may have ever had. We build a library of digital images of your eye, and we continue to build on that library with every visit.

For most adults, the cost of a vision insurance policy can be more than the cost of an annual eye exam. Review your policy. Unless you are receiving other benefits with your vision coverage, we typically encourage patients to pay for their annual exams out-of-pocket. It’s cheaper!

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