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There are typically two ways to evaluate if vision correction surgery is affordable to you.

One way is to evaluate how much you are spending on glasses, contact lenses, and solution every year. Often patients find that corrective eye surgery is cheaper in the long-term. Use the Affordability Calculator on this page to see how much glasses and contacts will cost you in the years ahead.

The other way is to look at financing options. We have interest-free payment plans and long-term payment plans (with interest) available.

Your vision is priceless. While eye surgery is not cheap, we do hope that you find your best option to be affordable.

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Kameen Eye Associate’s financing options are a service of Alphaeon Credit. Click here to apply for financing.

To see various options, rates, and payment details, click here to download Alphaeon’s informational brochure.

Affordability Calculator
How many more years do you plan to wear your glasses or contacts?
How much do you pay for prescription glasses, sunglasses, and replacement glasses every year?
How much do you pay for a box of contact lenses?
How many boxes of contact lenses do you go through a year?
How much do you pay for a bottle of contact lens solution?
How many bottles of contact lens solution do you go through in a year?
Your future lifetime cost of wearing glasses or contacts is:
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