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Sara BrockLASIK Patient
Mother / Wife / Pharmaceutical RepManchester, MDSara Brock is a no-nonsense professional and mother whose LASIK lets her go about her life freely. She leads an active life, centered around her husband, Greg, and daughter, Palmer.
When did you start wearing glasses or contacts?

I started needing vision correction in high school, and I went straight to contacts. I always had glasses as a backup, but the contacts were primary.

Why did you choose to get corrective surgery?

I had some allergies in my eyes that caused me issues with the daily contacts, but for me the decision mostly came out of my being a no-nonsense person. I kept thinking, “Why do I keep doing this?” It’s just putting a band-aid on a problem that’s fixable. I decided I was going to put the thousand dollars it would take me to get a new prescription of glasses and contacts for the year towards fixing the problem instead.

Why did you choose Kameen Eye Associates for your procedure?

When I made the decision to get LASIK, I asked on Facebook for people’s thoughts and recommendations for local surgeons. The results were split between two doctors, Dr. Kameen and another surgeon at a chain LASIK provider. I decided to schedule consultations with both of them, and choose based on whichever practice gave me a better feeling.

I first went to the chain, and it bothered me that I didn’t get to meet the doctor during my consultation. In fact, I wouldn’t meet him until the day of my surgery. That made me uncomfortable, that I wouldn’t meet the person who I was supposed to completely trust until it was time to operate.

Kameen Eye Associates was a different story. As soon as you walk into Dr. Kameen’s office, he’s a class act. The way his staff treats patients, the look of his office, it’s just so professional. When I sat down with Dr. Kameen during my consultation, he told me what I should expect. Any concern I had, he put to rest.

Dr. Kameen exudes confidence, and for someone who is going to operate on your eyes, that’s what you want.
How did the first time seeing without glasses or contacts feel?

I didn’t really have any big realization hit me, it was more so that I just didn’t have to worry. The biggest impact LASIK has had in my life has been as a parent of a young child who doesn’t always sleep through the night. Before my surgery, when I heard the baby monitor, I would have to grab my glasses, or choose whether or not to put my contacts in if I thought I’d be up for a while. Now, I can just pop out of bed and be a mom right away.

Sum up your LASIK experience in 1 to 3 words.

Life changing!

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