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LASIK Maryland Pirkka Penttinen Patient Profile Header
Pirkka PenttinenLASIK Patient
Husband / Father / CIOParkton, MarylandPirkka is a self-described golf nut with a mischievous streak, though you'd never know it from his quiet demeanor. Pirkka started wearing glasses at 9 years old, and contacts at 30.
Why did you choose to get corrective surgery? Did you have problems or annoyances with glasses or contacts in the past?

I liked my glasses, I thought they made me look smarter than I really was. I liked the convenience and comfort of modern contact lenses as well, but changing to contacts to be able to play sports and exercise started to annoy me increasingly.

Why did you choose Kameen Eye Associates for your procedure?

Kameen just seemed like the best and highest quality choice. I researched several options and wanted to avoid any clinic that even remotely seemed to be focusing high volumes and discounted prices. I wanted to make sure that my only eyes got the best possible, highest possible quality of care. Kameen had a good reputation and ended up in my short list very quickly. Referral from a friend made me call Kameen and make the first appointment.

Describe your experience at Kameen Eye Associates.

Easy, friendly and very professional. It was easy to see that the whole process had been designed from the customer’s (patient’s) point of view, to increase his/her comfort level by making any possible anxiety or stress fall away at every step. I very much liked the “light show” during the actual lasering (is that a word?).

How did the first time seeing without glasses or contacts feel?

Amazed about the modern technology; how is it possible that after having to wear glasses for 35+ years, one can lie down for a 5 minutes under an instrument and then see again.

Describe a moment when your improved vision surprised you.

Hole #5 at the Hayfields Country and Golf club. It is a nice par 5 with a long downhill tee shot. Hit it perfectly, straight and long and could see exactly where my ball landed.

It really comes down to little, practical, every day things.
Give one or two examples of how your improved vision has impacted your life.

It really comes down to little practical every day things, such as being able to put on sunglasses whenever I was driving. Also, never needing to worry about my contacts when goofing around in a swimming pool with my kids.

Sum up your experience in a few words.

Should have done this years ago!

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