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Luis LawsonLASIK Patient
Student / Son / BrotherWestminster, MarylandLuis is a full time student at The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina. He's outgoing, driven, and approaches every aspect of life with determination. Luis started wearing glasses in middle school, but his plans for his future gave him cause to pursue laser vision correction.
Why did you choose to get laser vision correction?

My future career persists on becoming a Marine Corps Aviator, so having the best vision for training was essential.

Did you have problems or annoyances with your glasses in the past?

Wearing glasses made my day to day life as a Citadel cadet become more of a challenge, because I always had to carry them for detail or for understanding lectures in classrooms. If I had forgotten my glasses, my performances wouldn’t be at their best potential. It became frustrating having to depend on glasses everywhere I went.

Why did you choose Kameen Eye Associates for your procedure?

My father and sister had both had LASIK surgery from Kameen Eye Associates and shared nothing but great satisfaction on both the surgery and customer service.

Describe your experience at Kameen Eye Associates.

It’s a very welcoming environment. The testing was fast and simple. It was comforting since the surgery was thoroughly explained before and during the procedure. I knew every move they were about to make.

LASIK felt like having HD installed in my eyes.
How did the first time seeing without glasses or contacts feel?

It felt like I had installed HD into my eyes. Everything looked crisp without having to go searching for my glasses.

Describe a moment when your improved vision surprised you.

It still surprises me today; the way nature looks. For instance, the depth of branches on trees or being able to see each blade of grass.

Give one or two examples of how your improved vision has impacted your life.

Having surgery has impacted the way I function in everyday activity. I am now able to go day to day with a sharper mind and better focus, without the hassle of carrying my glasses. That is a big stress relief.

Describe your experience in less than three words.

Incredible! Unbelievable!

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