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Jenilee JayLASIK Patient
Friend / Professional / Aunt / SisterCockeysville, MarylandJenilee Jay works hard, plays hard, and loves hard. She's a warm, open person with friendly words for everyone she meets. Jenilee started wearing glasses in elementary school decades ago and contacts later on, but in September of 2014, she felt it was time to make a change.
Why did you choose to get corrective surgery?

Last winter I worked odd and oftentimes long hours. I found many annoyances with the glasses and contacts. Multiple times I had to leave work to run home to grab my glasses for the night. Then, when I switched from contacts to glasses or vice versa, my eyes would freak out, I’d have a hard time focusing or have some slight pain from the dryness of being up all night.

Why did you choose Kameen Eye Associates for your procedure?

After finding out that Dr. Kameen was one of the top 10 LASIK surgeons and was local, I was excited to see him. If I’m going to have someone operate on my eyes, I prefer to go to one of the top surgeons versus a company that makes me feel like I’m in a cattle call seeing a different doctor through each visit and the procedure.

Describe your experience at Kameen Eye Associates.

My experience was first class. From being greeted at the front desk, to having multiple staff members make me feel more at ease with their knowledge and support, to meeting with Dr. Kameen and being told that my eyes were very similar to his when he went through his surgery. Throughout every step, every member of the staff made me feel at ease and was friendly with me. When my procedure was finished, I was in total shock that I could immediately see, and it took me several moments to realize that I could see and then become excited with my results.

How did the first time seeing without glasses or contacts feel?

The first time was weird! Before, I couldn’t see the clock on the bedside throughout the night, and suddenly I was looking at clocks across the room. I was amazed. Two months later I was still shocked that I didn’t have to take out my contacts or put on my glasses.

Describe a moment when your improved vision surprised you.

The first time I read the clock on the bedside table I was shocked and excited that I could see.

"This experience has been worth every dollar I spent. The results are incredible."
Give one or two examples of how your improved vision has impacted your life.

Since having LASIK surgery, the biggest impact on my life has been the freedom I have to travel without having to worry about contacts, solution, or glasses. I’m looking forward to swimming this summer without having to close my eyes or worrying about losing a contact. I’m looking forward to the adventures I will have with my nieces and nephews that would have been hindered due to the worry about losing a contact.

Has there been a time you were especially thankful you no longer needed glasses or contacts?

Yes. At a recent wedding, the bride had contacts in and packed glasses, lens case, and solution in case she needed them. The Matron-of-Honor worried about the eyeliner smudge on her contacts showing in photos. I worried about none of it since my eye surgery, especially after finding out later that the bride’s glasses ended up in her mom’s purse – separate from her.

Sum up your experience in a few words.

WORTH IT! This experience has been worth every dollar I spent, the results are incredible.

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