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LASIK Surgery Maryland Mother Life Without Glasses Featured
May 15 A Mother’s Life Without Glasses

Kristen Gordon’s world revolves around family.

Kristen and her husband Josh, an optometrist, welcomed their son Parker to the world a year and a half ago.

The best part about being a mom is that it’s the most challenging and rewarding job. It’s constant, but it’s a delight. I get to be the favorite person in this little guy’s life. He’s my world now.- Kristen Gordon

Before Parker joined the Gordon family, Kristen worked full time in Washington, DC. Her job had her working on a computer all day, which caused her contact lenses to dry out. She started wearing glasses while working, but despite how clear they made her vision, they brought with them a whole other host of problems.

Her vision was best with the glasses, but they limited her peripheral vision and kept her from being able to use sunglasses, leaving her vulnerable to glare while driving. Her contacts were great for working out, but would get so dry at work that they became painful. She wound up carrying both with her everywhere she went. It became a cumbersome balancing act of switching back and forth from activity to activity, and so she started thinking seriously about LASIK.


Three years ago, Dr. Kameen performed LASIK on Kristen’s eyes.

My greatest hope was that my vision would be as great after LASIK as it was with my glasses. I didn’t want to lose that quality, and I didn’t! Dr. Kameen gave me my eyes back.- Kristen Gordon

Although Kristen had her procedure done before she and Josh knew their family would be growing, she’s found that it’s helped her immensely as mother to have a life without glasses and contacts. No matter the activity, she can see clearly, and isn’t slowed down by the need to switch from glasses to contacts and back again.

Every day is a different adventure for Kristen and Parker. They go to the gym, daycare, running errands, the park, playdates with friends, and to visit family. They play, make messes, clean them up, and then it’s on to the next mess.


Becoming a mom has been the biggest change, but the best thing I’ve ever done. The moment he came into our lives... you just change. You’re just a new person. There’s before children and there’s after children, and your priorities are different, your focus is different, your love is different. Everything is new. He lights up my life.- Kristen Gordon

Parker delights his parents every day. His vocabulary expands at a rapid rate, and he loves to dance. The minute any sort of music comes on, even a jingle in a commercial, he starts jumping around and moving to the groove. As a new mother, Kristen relishes every moment she gets to spend with her son, helping and watching him grow before her eyes.


It’s truly changed my life. The routine and the schedule of being a full time mother are so erratic – not knowing when I’ll be awake or asleep, or when we’ll be leaving the house or coming back in – LASIK has completely smoothed out that whole process. My advice to anyone thinking of doing it, most particularly someone who wants to be a parent, is to do it. It’s a life changer.- Kristen Gordon

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